SION COLLYOU serves as employees’ primary point of contact with the company and their coworkers. It improves communication, information, and collaboration. More

More than half of all workers do not work at a desk. These “non-desk workers” do not have access to information or a secure communication environment.

SION COLLYOU serves as employees’ primary point of contact with the company and their coworkers.

As a SaaS solution, SION COLLYOU does more than improve communication, information, and collaboration.

Social Collaboration Tool

Newsfeed: With SION, you can distribute company news, publications, updates, surveys, and appointment scheduling to your employees.

Chat & Video Chat: Individual and group chats enable employees to communicate with one another quickly and easily.

Employees Id: Every employee gets their profile and can thus be found by their coworkers.

Working groups: Contributions only published in one group do not distract users outside of that group.

Calendar: Appointments can be assigned to individuals or groups. The attendance confirmation function eliminates the need for manually managed lists.

Documents: Your documents are always accessible, even on the go, thanks to SION’S user-friendly folder structure.

Time tracking: Keep track of your working hours, generate reports, and automate your workflows.

CRM: With our Sales Funnel, you always have a complete picture of all opportunities and sales processes.

Task & Project Management: SION’s innovative task management will help you digitize your old to-do lists. Create tasks and milestones, manage funds, and monitor project progress.

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