WA Web Plus is a smart and complete digital marketing solution to boost your business and deliver tons of value in a few clicks right from WhatsApp Web. More

After spending tons in new platforms for lead collection and productivity, how do you feel when your client says: ‘Can you send me everything in WhatsApp?’ …  

The reason: We love practical solutions.  

We can stay away from our emails, our agenda, our computer, but it’s hard to stay away from WhatsApp, imagine for a whole day. 

So why not turn your WhatsApp Web into an amazing platform with all the features you need to get your business to the next level?  

It’s time for you to meet WA Web Plus 

WA Web Plus is a smart and complete digital marketing solution to boost your business and deliver tons of value in a few clicks right from WhatsApp Web.

Create compelling marketing campaigns directly from WhatsApp Web

With WA Web Plus, you can program messages with the ideal images for your marketing campaigns look fabulous. 

You also decide the time and date you want your campaign to start – sending the messages to your customers – as well as the time intervals of each message.  

Forget the old ways of doing marketing using only emails (that sooner or later find their way to a Spam folder) and bring a completely new way to create modern campaigns using WhatsApp Web. 

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Generate hot Leads in a simple and effective way

You no longer need to worry about creating landing pages with annoying forms to capture leads.   

WA Web Plus have smart Webhooks to help you to easily collect names, emails, and WhatsApp numbers of your prospects.  

Take a few minutes to setup your webhooks, and they will work for you, transferring all data to your favorite apps! 

Speed up your processes to take your productivity to the next level

Using the Broadcast function, you can send multiple messages to several contacts using a smart filter, that will help you achieve the results you need. 

Whether you are planning to improve how you charge customers, streamline communication with your team, or any other process that you want to improve.  

To make it even easier, you can import your contacts into an excel sheet with a dynamic field.  

It’s really simple. With a few clicks, you can control all your information, select contacts, use a message template and voilà, the magic begins.  

Saving the contacts from WhatsApp Web in your phone was never this easy! 

WA Web Plus has a mobile helper, a lightweight and easy to use application to take full control of the synchronization between your phone and WhatsApp.​​​​​​​ 

It’s the easiest solution to save your new WhatsApp contacts in your phone with just one click. You will never lose an unsaved contact again! 

Provide an excellent customer service that will make your business shine! 

You no longer have to worry about losing customers for not having the time to provide a good support, with Smart Replies, you have everything under control. 

You can program personal answers for any question your customers might have about your products or services. This will save you an enormous amount of time!  

The response will be so quickly and effective that your customers will feel like this is a 5-star customer service.  

Create your own Chat Smart Agent

With Webhooks, you have a smart agent programmed to search for information on the web and provide your customers with all the answers they need. 

No need to worry if your customers need more information about the status of their orders or how the weather is now, using webhooks, they can have everything.  

The setup options are unlimited and can connect to websites from where you want to collect data.  

Webhooks also help you to translate conversations and answer your customers in their own language.  

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Bring your inner leader to life using group tools

Anyone mentioned the word Leader? WA Web Plus was also developed with this in mind. That’s why it has built-in group tools that will make you shine as a leader.  

With WA Web Plus, you can program autoresponders to always be present in all your groups in an original way, create your own message templates, and program welcome messages for new members (people love to feel welcomed!). 

Clone your group and start another from scratch using another name but with the same members from the previous one. 

Delete abandoned or useless groups with one single click (like groups created for quick meetings or single uses)   

Create your own bot to monitor all your WhatsApp groups 24/7 

Join several groups at the same time (and be the star from those WhatsApp groups)  

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Always stay one step ahead your competitors and gain full control of your privacy

With WA Web Plus, you can see all the messages senders deleted and listen to the audios secretly (without anyone knowing you listened to them).  

Speed up some or all your audio messages (and avoid asking your family to avoid sending 15-minute long messages).    

Know when people read your messages without them knowing that you’ve already read theirs, this way you don’t need to feel anxious to reply just because they know you read (even if you already have, they will never know!)  

Blur photos, messages, and names of your contacts. You can also enable the lock screen, so you don’t have to worry about someone seeing your information when you are away from your computer (now you can go grab a snack with no worries).  

Hide your typing status, disable your online status, and keep watching everyone else activity (no one will know you spent all day long using WhatsApp). 

Download photos and videos from your contacts’ statuses or watch them without them knowing it. Receive notifications when a contact is online (you can even see how many times each contact was online).  

Use the cool Dark Mode, customize the background of your chat, enable full screen in giant monitors, and more!  

Integrate WhatsApp Web with your favorite CRM apps 

Using WA Web Plus, you can get the most out of WhatsApp Web by integrating it with your favorite apps and controlling it with one single click.  

Integrate WA Web Plus with Hubspot CRM, and the best integration tools: Zapier, Integrately, Pabby Connect, Integromat, and Apiway.ai  ​​​​​​​ 

WA Web Plus Agency Lifetime Deal Plan

You will love this tool, and so will your clients! WA Web Plus found a way for you to manage and resell the licenses at your own price, keeping all the income for you! 

By purchasing Agency Plan, you get resale rights and a special, easy-to-use agency panel to manage all your licenses, where you can control, enable, or disable WhatsApp numbers.  

With your Agency plan you can sell your licenses in exchange for monthly or annual fees, or even give them away to your clients as a courtesy.  

In short, you will have access to 12 licenses to manage, resell and change WhatsApp numbers at any time you want. 

You can also add the licenses you want in a single account and create a super lucrative specialized agency of WhatsApp Marketing. 

Hunter, we got your back!

Thanks to the wonderful response of our community and also thinking of all those who could not purchase WA Web Plus, we have decided to open for a few hours access to the updated WA Web Plus Lifetime Deal that includes all functions.  

In just a few months WA Web Plus has brought some big updates and will continue to do so! This is why the Lifetime Deal access includes all future updates of the PRO PLUS PLAN.   

With WA Web Plus, you get the functions of the main Digital Marketing tools in a single platform, with some advantages none of them can offer: it works 24/7 together with WhatsApp Web; one of the best known and most used platform worldwide.    

Get the Lifetime Deal now and turn your WhatsApp Web into your most powerful marketing and sales platform.  

Keep rocking on!