A short link solution to your data sharing and collection issues that helps you share relevant and impressive content. More

Let’s be honest… creating all original content is tough… but sharing great content without being able to collect data on the people reading it is like betting on a horse at the tracks but not finding out if they won!

Now who would do that?  Certainly not a savvy marketer and hopefully not you!

Meet Retargetkit!

A short link solution to your sharing and data gathering problems that helps you share others relevant and awesome content and get people to see what you wanted them to see in the first place…

Come on marketing is tough, marketing is hard without data… crazy…

We need data to make things keep moving forward to be able to get our leads more relevant information about our brand or our affiliates brand.

For that to work we have an innovative solution for you!

One that can help you Retargetkit, gather data, and make your marketing efforts easier… dare I say effortless!

Grow your custom audience on your ad platforms from every link you share on social media, your content, current events, affiliate links and even curated content.

Quit wasting time and money sharing content that just sends people to other sites and doesn’t allow you to get your message, product or affiliate product in front of them.

These are YOUR leads, reading YOUR content that you shared

Follow up, nurture them and turn them into customers who come to you for your great advice, products, witty sense of humor and all-around awesomeness!

What are you waiting for?

Someone else to sell to your leads?

Need a call to action?

RetargetKit will boost the reach of your audience by capturing your one-time visitors and allows you to maximize your retargeting campaigns and boost your revenue.