Naturaltts is a professional text-to-speech converter with a smart interface that allows any user to convert speech into human-sounding voices. More

Naturaltts is an advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) converter which is easy to use and can convert text into human-like voices in a few clicks.

The main feature of this tool is its user friendly interface that allows anyone to create MP3 files from the given text with a couple of mouse clicks.

61 Natural Voices

An incredible amount of real-sounding natural voices that are presented in our text to speech software.

OCR Technology for Commercials

We provide reading from the scanned documents and other files for our Commercial Plan customers.

Commercial Benefits

While using the Commercial Plan you are eligible to redistribute converted audio files.

IVR Voice Generator

Expand your IVR system using natural-sounding realistic voices.

SSML Support

Simply switching the special SSML tab, you can easily customize and control aspects of speech such as pronunciation, volume, and speech rate.

Download audio files

Download converted files in the .mp3 format

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