GroupLeads is an easy to use software that would help you get more leads and also sell more of your products to your Facebook group members on AUTOPILOT! More

Facebook Group Lead Generation

Managing and growing a Facebook group is hard but generating leads must not be.

No more copying/screenshotting and pasting of new members information (manually) from your Facebook group to excel/google sheet and then importing the emails to your email autoresponder.

It will save you time and money, so you focus on the most important part of your business.

Facebook Group Automatic Approval

Forget about having to click before you can approve new group members into your proup.

GroupLeads can help you to auto approve new Facebook group members and at the same time send members’ data to Google sheet, and your email marketing software.

Auto Message Declined Group Members

Use our new member decline messaging feature to send them custom messages based on different criteria.

You get much more value, insights & quality market research about your audience and also keep spammers away from your group.

Send New Group Member Data To Three Places

No more data loss:

Add data of your new Facebook group members into Google spreadsheet

Add their submitted emails to your favorite email marketing softwares so you can market to them again and again

Add data of your new Facebook group members into your private GroupLeads Dashboard

Get lifetime access to GroupLeads!