GetTerms is an automated policy generator that helps you create clear and concise privacy, terms and cookie policy statements. More

Keeping up with the right legal policies for your site can feel like you’re watching Mike from Suits talk at 2x speed. (“You’re telling me this guy never went to law school?”)

Not adhering to internet compliance guidelines can ruin your business, but you don’t have the budget to rack up billable hours from an expensive law firm.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to create custom privacy policies, terms and conditions, and cookie policies for your website and apps.

Introducing GetTerms.

GetTerms is a privacy, terms, and cookie policy generator that lets you create custom, straightforward policies to keep your website and apps fully compliant.

You shouldn’t need to pass the bar to get the appropriate privacy policy, terms and conditions, and cookie policy for your website.

That’s why GetTerms’ policies are written by lawyers for humans, so you know that your site is compliant with the latest and greatest legal requirements.

Using the streamlined ordering system, you can create your site’s privacy policy in under two minutes.

All the policies are written for humans and reviewed by lawyers, making it easy to generate custom privacy, terms and conditions, and cookie policies written in plain English.

You can rest easy knowing that while all policies are easy to read and understand, they also meet the high legal standards that would cost you big bucks with a traditional law firm.

As much as you’d love to study legal guidelines and privacy policies (your favorite activity after filing your taxes and waiting in the dentist’s office), you’ve got a website to run.

That’s why GetTerms helps you generate simple terms and conditions and privacy policy documents that you can adapt to your business’ unique needs.

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