Zooc is a collaboration tool that supports asynchronous communication via text, voice, video, and screen recording for high-context feedback. More

Some things you just need to see to understand, whether it’s a new app feature or the reason people think you’re mad during weekly Zoom calls. (…do I always make that face?)

When it comes to providing contextual feedback on a video or graphic, you don’t want to play back-and-forth comment charades.

You need a communication solution that gets your point across with voice, video, screen recording, and even on-screen notes, without you having to be available 24/7.

Introducing Zooc.

Conversations in Zooc are housed in canvases, which are like containers for the content you’re commenting on.

Zooc supports seven types of content: video, audio, PDF, image, text, whiteboard, and website.

Use Zooc on desktop, tablet, and mobile to easily record voice or video clip comments

Stay on top of all your active conversations with the dashboard.

Manage multiple projects and workspaces within Zooc for easy organization!

Don’t get stuck in a description loop. Get specific with your feedback by commenting on any frame of a video in Zooc.

Assign tasks and discuss specific points for high-context collaborative editing!

Draw comments free-hand on a live website, a PDF, or a video to get your point across exactly where you need to.

You can add free-hand notes to any document, or brainstorm with the whiteboard!

The Google Chrome extension brings all the awesome commenting features of Zooc to your web applications, too.

Provide rich feedback by adding a voice recording, webcam video, or screen recording to any comment box.

Zooc gives you voice, video, and screen recording to make sure your point gets across, while letting you add those comments to any type of content on-the-fly.