Now you can design admin pages using any page builder, like Elementor, Divi or Brizy, with the same ease you create front-end pages. More

Admin pages are one of the most important pages on your WordPress websites and those of your clients.

In fact, these pages are the heart and soul of any WordPress website.

That’s because:

  • they provide a familiar place to welcome new users, provide information, and display details for support and documentation – all of which your clients and website users desperately need.
  • you can create admin pages for your clients so that they can easily make changes to their website without going directly into the database. This will keep them from accidentally taking the site down and reduce the likelihood of you getting an emergency call.
  • you can add a contact form on the admin panel of your clients’ websites so they can easily contact you.
  • you can also add an upsell page right there on the admin panel of your clients’ websites – which will definitely result in more income for your business.

Unfortunately, creating custom admin pages are extremely hard. For you to get it done, you have to know how to add the pages in the admin area, create the page contents and create forms within the page contents.

But the problem doesn’t even stop there.


Because even if you succeed in making pages that just show up in the WordPress admin area, you still have to find out how to arrange the contents of the pages, how to use Javascript and CSS to make the presentation look great, how to make sure that forms are secure and validated PLUS numerous other things.

Without a proper codex, PHP and complex coding knowledge and experience, all these can be next to impossible.

So what can you do?

Well, when you search online for how to create custom admin pages, you’ll I’ve found lots of documentation on how to create menu pages, how to create forms within these menu pages, and how to do many other things.

Unfortunately, what most these tutorials teach involves creating plugins – another thing you can’t do if you aren’t an expert at coding.

Not to worry though. Because a new plugin that can help you create custom admin pages with just a few clicks of the mouse has been released.

This plugin is called WP Admin Pages PRO and with it, you can create unlimited and beautiful custom pages on the WordPress admin dashboard with the same ease you create front-end pages.

And you can do this with the page builder of choice – be it Beaver Builder, Elementor, the awesome Brizy Landing Page Builder or others!

See what this plugin is capable of

There’s no complex coding experience, no baffling WordPress settings API, no plugin creation and no complicated stuff at all.

But the best thing is the awesome discount we brought to you…

Being that WP Admin Pages PRO is a relatively new plugin, the builders are looking for a handful of users that they’re calling “Early Adopters”.