WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin helps you to create multiple shipping rates based on different price ranges. More

Calculate your WooCommerce shipping cost by measuring total price and weight.

Supports WooCommerce Built-in Shipping Classes

You can effortlessly work with any shipping class as this plugin is fully supportive of WooCommerce’s built-in shipping classes.

If the ‘No Class Set’ option is activated, then the shipping rate will be calculated for both classified or unclassified items.

Shipping Handling Fees for Each Order

Calculate your shipping handling fees more easily by evaluating them based on each Order of your customers. It makes the shipping rate calculation process more accurate and specific.

Set Unlimited Shipping Price Conditions

You can calculate the shipping price ranging from minimum to unlimited shipping price conditions. So, your items’ price won’t be a matter of concern anymore for fixing the shipping rate.

Set Shipping Rates for Any Class or Specific Class

Fix shipping rates according to any class or a specific WooCommerce class that you create to calculate specific items’ rates.

Ultimately, this facility will save you valuable time and extra labor.

Add Taxable/Non-taxable Shipping Rates

Fixing an accurate shipping rate including or excluding the tax rates often becomes a herculean task.

This plugin offers you the ‘Tax Status’ option so that you can fix taxable or non-taxable shipping rates separately.

Set Multiple Shipping Rates for Different Zones

Set multiple shipping rates for different zones separately to make the shipping rates calculation easier.

This plugin helps you keep specific shipping rates based on country, state, or zip/postal code.