By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Voicely automatically converts any text into a voice-over. More

Turns Any Text Into A Natural Lifelike Voice-Over… In Just A Few Clicks

Voicely  has an assortment of high-quality multilingual voices to choose from. Once you have identified your foreign target market.

All you have to do is translate your text in the native language using our intelligent software – and you have automatically unlocked access to an International platform.

Enjoy A Wide Range Of Customization Options … So Your Voiceovers Turn Out Exactly How You Want Them To

Set The Tone

With the help of Voicely you can connect the way the voices are delivered in order to reflect the emotion you would like to evoke through your message.

Determine whether the goal of your message is to educate, persuade, or engage, and customize the selected Voice accordingly!

Play Faster/Slower

Voicely has been developed to harmonize the speed at which your message is being narrated and intensify the attention of your audience.

You can elevate the speed of the Voice-over when your goal is to convey something exciting or bring down the speed while presenting a more complex topic.


It is imperative to alter your pitch to signal differences in emotion. This software allows you to adjust the voices up to 20 semitones higher or lower, also making your voice-over sound absolutely natural.

Now, you can match your voice-over to reflect the enthusiasm of the message being delivered.

Sentence Breaks

There’s a major difference between “Help A thief!” and “Help, A thief!” “No smoking food or beverages allowed” and “No smoking, food, or beverages allowed”.

Voicely Lifetime Deal intelligent technology identifies and adds breaks and punctuations wherever required in the voice-over and ensures the audience identifies the soberness, jokes, or even sarcasm in your message.

Multiple Accents

Choose from a platter of unique accents to create the perfect voice-over based on your audience preferences.

If you really want to grab your audience’s attention, then select an accent that truly connects with them.

The way you sound is as important as the words you say, it can perceive your brand as Luxurious, adventurous, Professional, and much more.

Background Soundtracks

One of Voicely’s phenomenal characteristics is that it effortlessly allows you to blend in background music, adding firm depth to your voice-over instantly!

Utilize this feature to determine how the information is received by the audience. Music is the one tool that can suggest emotion and establish control over the tone of the message being conveyed.

Stress Enough

Never worry about your message’s tone being misunderstood again… this software allows you to stress certain areas, so you can convey your message more effectively.

Your audience would like to listen and understand your message, not just hear a sequence of words.

With the help of Voicely, direct your listeners to focus on a specific part of your message, and easily deliver perfect sounding voice-overs.

Control Volume

Structure your emotions within your message by altering the voice levels – Louder to establish confidence or anger, or Softer to convey intimacy and warmth.

Correct audience focus by raising or lowering volume levels to emphasize your sentiments in the voice-over with Voicely.

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