Speed Up Your Workflow with Just One Click! TextSniper Extracts & Copies Text from Images, Videos, and Other Digital Documents in Seconds. More

Blazingly fast and lightweight OCR (optical character recognition) software for mac that helps extract any text from your screen.

Easily capture uncopiable text from images, PDFs, screenshots, documents, and even videos. Moreover, turn recognized text into speech on the fly.

With just one click, instantly convert any image to text and paste it as editable text to notes, messenger, or any other app.

Unnoticed – until you need it

TextSniper is always at hand with customizable shortcuts. The app does not clutter the macOS dock and is easily accessible in the menu bar.

Lightning fast

TextSniper instantly recognizes text within the selection area using advanced OCR technology.

Text to Speech

You can have TextSniper speak the recognized text whenever you need it. A worthy addition for foreign language learners or people who have trouble reading text on their screen.

The text-to-speech feature is also a powerful assistive technology for those with dyslexia.

QR code and barcode reader

Capture, extract, and convert to text any QR code or barcode in a snap.

No more retyping! Speed up your workflow with this app and stay productive.

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