For the first time, all of the powerful features of an enterprise-class DAM (digital asset management) solution are available to a new breed of customers who really need them. More

In today’s market, whether you are a billion-dollar corporation or a solopreneur, the activities you undertake on a day-to-day basis to build relationships with your customers are virtually identical—and they’re all fueled by content.

Today’s low-cost solutions available for individuals and small businesses just don’t offer the features you need.

Starchive = Game-changing technology + low cost. For the first time, all of the powerful features of an enterprise-class DAM (digital asset management) solution are available to a new breed of customers who really need them—at a 20th of the cost.

Starchive’s Individual Plan gives you 1TB of cloud storage that’s 100% private. Perfect for solopreneurs and influencers.

A Cloud app to bring everything together

Save any type of file — video, photos, training documents, voice memos, past promotional material, and everything else in a system that leaves Dropbox in the dust.

One file — many Collections

Curation adds value to life. Collections allow you to group files for any purpose or project without ever copying or duplicating them.

Collections are the anti-folder so you can work without fear of messing up organization or losing the connection between files.

Collections can be searched, shared, downloaded, and curated into even more collections.

Sharing files has never been easier

Starchive ‘Sharelinks’ stream instantly in the browser. Once your content is in Starchive, sharing is something that is immediate.

No more waiting on a file to finish uploading to share it.

Share a 100GB video. No problem. Share large amounts of photos, video, audio, and documents in a single links and let the recipient choose which to download.

Upload files and folders fast

Starchive uploads 2x faster than Dropbox. Import files directly from, Google Drive, Zoom, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. Drag and Drop and entire folder tree and watch Starchive recreate it.

Search the way you think

Starchive makes it drop dead simple to add tags, custom fields, and descriptions to your files and folders so you can always find what you are looking for in an instant.

Take back the hours spent searching for files. No longer dread searching for hard to find files buried in folders.

Cloud folders — the next desktop

Starchive has everything you love about your local Desktop but without the worry of running out of space or failing hard drives.

Batch Tag files and folders with custom fields

Context adds value. Give your content the data it deserves.You’re an advanced user with business needs.

We got you covered. Easily replicate your file categories via Custom Fields and edit the data on batches of files of any size.

Membership has its privileges

We take privacy and data security personally because we use Starchive all day long for our own files.

When you invite someone to your Starchive, you can control precisely what they can see and do. Set permission for the user, the folder and the collection.

Each member has a private Workspace

Use the workspace like you would a work table or lightroom, park files there as you collect the things you are looking for, and then take action on them all at once.

Import from and Post to Social Media

A Digital Asset Management system with unlimited storage in your pocket. All the power of the Desktop on your mobile device.

Publish to or Import from Social Media Platforms. Upload from your device and never run out of space again.

Automatic organization through A.I.

Starchive identifies everyday objects in any image such as photographs, presentation covers, album art, and video thumbnails and curates them into easy to explore auto-collections.

Discover connections in your content that you didn’t know where there.