Socketlabs Cloud Email is a trusted email delivery solution for transactional messaging and marketing automation More

When it comes to emails, you need your delivery method to be reliable (unlike the pizza guy who somehow keeps winding up on your neighbor’s doorstep).

Because if it isn’t, your email masterpieces are headed straight to the dreaded spam folder, never to be seen by customers.

SocketLabs Cloud Email offers a unique combination of technology and expertise to deliver your marketing or transactional emails to your customers’ inbox—optimizing your success.

That’s because its intelligent traffic is built on billions of data points collected over 10 years.

With proprietary algorithms and real-time flow-control analysis that help them adapt to the email delivery rules of each mailbox provider, SocketLabs is a versatile solution.

It all begins in the Performance Dashboard, where you can get real-time delivery status notifications and track results.

Instantly track real-time analytics in the Performance Dashboard

The StreamScore™ analytics tool is a quick and easy way to monitor and control the success of your outbound email using a proprietary weighted scoring system.

Evaluate email performance with granular and actionable data, plus track failures, opens and clicks, and complaints.

StreamScore™ shows senders’ daily message quality based on blocks, bounces, complaints, and spam placements

Plus, SocketLabs supports the latest authentication and encryption protocols and standards to help you minimize the threat of spoofing and message interception.

SocketLabs supports all of the latest authentication and encryption protocols and standards, including TLS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Rest assured that your data is protected, thanks to SocketLabs’ cutting-edge link encryption technology and engagement tracking features.

Skip the learning curve! Set up and send your first message in minutes

SocketLabs also combines seamlessly with your current processes.

SocketLabs’ reliable email API solution lets you integrate your app or website in minutes.

Flexible API libraries within SocketLabs allow for quick and easy integrations

Emails are so much more than funny forwards from Grandma nowadays, and poor email deliverability can damage your reputation and your ROI.

Better leave it to the experts.

SocketLabs brings the innovation backed by a decades-long reputation for five-star customer support.