The only chatbot you will need to do 90% of your marketing tasks – All from this No.1 Marketing and Automation platform. More

Generate leads and sales without spending thousands of dollars on support staff and sales reps.

Automate the marketing process so you can sit back and relax while seeing sales and leads flooding into your system… organically too, and 24/7 all 365 days a year.

Introducing SocialNowa

Your Marketing and Automation Partner!

With ‘SocialNowa’ – The World’s Best Bot Marketing Tool, you can:

Automate lead generation

The AI-powered SocialNowa Chatbot will collect the phone numbers and emails of qualified leads for you, creating this with a simple one-time setup, saving you time and money otherwise spent on acquiring this information.

Automatically answer presale queries

It responds to questions from your customers with quick, appropriate replies automatically, keeping your customers satisfied, happy, and ready to return to you for more.

Automate posting

Schedule your social media post on all platforms with the single SocialNowa Dashboard.

Ecommerce Store on Messenger

You won’t need anymore fancy websites and landing pages. You can sell from messenger Ecommerce or SocialNowa. The Setup is easy and again automated.

Reply to comments automatically

It helps you respond to your social media comments or complaints automatically, making sure your customers are never left waiting endlessly.

The only chatbot you will need to do 90% of your marketing tasks.

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