Seynd a flexible browser notification that lets you send a personalized message directly to your customer’s screen whenever you want. More

Seynd is not a pop-up.

It is a flexible browser notification that allows you to Send a customized message straight to your prospect’s or customer’s screen where it is in front of/on top of everything else and, at any time you want to Send it.

If you are a website owner and still you have not implemented web push notifications, then you are missing a large number of available opportunities for your business.

Many website owners don’t even think about getting web push notification integrated because they don’t know about the benefits of push notifications benefits that they will be able to receive.

Just a single click is required for a subscription with no hassle.

You can also display a custom message to increase the number of the subscription.

A message can be about latest offers, discounts or daily updates, etc.

Get lifetime access to Seynd today!

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