ruttl is a real-time design feedback tool that lets you collect user reactions, screenshots and video recordings of any website, directly from your browser. More

Giving web design feedback can get confusing fast, even when it’s just shifting things by a few pixels. (If you’ve ever slightly moved an image in Word, you’d know that’s a recipe for chaos.)

You want a simpler way to handle site updates than shuffling back and forth with screenshots, mail trails, and convoluted calls.

Ready to communicate changes to designers and developers using direct and contextual comments on live sites?

This is ruttl.

ruttl is a fast and easy tool for collecting, managing, and previewing design feedback on live websites.

Create real-time comments and edits on live websites

ruttl empowers you to directly communicate with designers and developers about live website changes through written and video comments.

With real-time content changes, image replacement capabilities, and alignment tools, you can preview alterations without editing the live site your customers or clients see.

You and your team can leave comments on specific, live pixels to ensure contextual and concise feedback, plus directly mention other project members to notify them of fixes.

Say goodbye to communicating design changes with conference calls, confusing screenshots, and unclear language. (“This vibe is summer-Beyoncé and we want more late-spring-Cardi B.”)

Record your screen and use your computer’s mic to verbally mention changes required on specific sections across whole webpages.

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