Raizer stands out by providing personal email addresses, displaying verified information, and showing only active investors with a track record of deals in the past 12 months. More

With access to a database of 38K verified investors, Raizer stands out by providing personal email addresses, displaying verified information, and showing only active investors with a track record of deals in the past 12 months.

Unlike other platforms, Raizer goes the extra mile to ensure you have the best chance of securing investment.

Find the perfect investors for your startup

We provide founders with personal email addresses for over 70% of our investors, enabling direct and efficient communication.

Our verified information comes from analyzing all previous deals made by investors, ensuring you have reliable insights into their investment history and preferences.

With this tool, you’ll only see active investors with 5 or more deals in the past 12 months, guaranteeing their commitment and experience. Plus, our dry-powder filter allows you to focus on investors who have available cash to invest right now.

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