Poplink adds beautiful call-to-actions popups on the links you share, driving people back to your own site for more conversions. More

I’m sure you’re already sharing awesome content on your social media channels.

Well, now there’s a way to share other people’s cool content and still grow your own traffic and list.

Introducing Poplink

Poplink adds eye-catching call-to-actions pop-ups on the links you share, so you can drive people back to your own site for more conversions.

It will help you grow your traffic, email list, sales, and more!

These highly customizable CTA’s are optimized for mobile and desktop.

Here, let me explain how it works in three easy steps:

  1. You find share-worthy content during your interwebs session and copy the link to it.
  2. Paste the link into Poplink’s dashboard and add it to one of your campaigns to get a new, trackable link.
  3. Share the new link with thousands of your closest friends and watch the conversions roll in!

Now, instead of having to spend weeks churning out new content all the time, you can leverage other people’s content and still drive results for yourself!

Why should you use Poplink?

Well, because sharing and converting is fun and super easy. In less than 30 seconds, you can make a promotion and attach it to a link. (I can’t even put my pants on that fast.)

You won’t be charged tons of fees to customize your links.

You can import an unlimited number of RSS feeds into Poplink first and then export a feed that Poplinkifies all your social shares!

Where can you use Poplink?

You can use this tool on your own website or on a ton of websites such as Inc., Lifehack, Entrepreneur, StartupNation, and more!

Who should use Poplink?

Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, social media teams, or anyone trying to get their products or services out there.

In fact, Poplink was created to help people share more creatively, increase ROI, and boost visibility on social media.

Still not convinced?

In addition to increasing ROI and boosting visibility, It provides solid analytical data (impressions, clicks, conversions, and so much more).

Bottom line is, Poplink is outstanding at driving website traffic, building email lists, promoting products, getting app downloads, and seducing fellow taco lovers

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