Podseeker is a podcast database and intelligence platform for marketers, PR pros, and podcasters. Complete with over 2 million podcasts and contact emails. More

Are you struggling to find the right podcasts to promote your brand or build new partnerships? Look no further than Podseeker.

This innovative platform is a one-stop-shop for marketers and PR pros, providing access to a comprehensive podcast database complete with audience data and contact details.

With Podseeker, you can easily build customized media lists tailored to your target audience and export them for easy outreach.

Say goodbye to hours of tedious research and hello to building meaningful relationships with the right hosts and audiences.

2,000,000+ podcasts, updated daily

The directory is updated daily, with experienced researchers manually adding multiple contacts from each podcast. Hosts, booking agents, producers – you name it.

Advanced podcast search

Podseeker’s advanced search filters allow you to search by audience size, publishing frequency, location, category, and much more.

Make sure you always find the most relevant podcasts for your business.

Audience size prediction

Utilize our advanced algorithm to understand how large the audience is for any given podcast, and only pitch if it’ll be worth your while.

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