Plantum is an AI-based digital tool that helps to identify plants, diagnose plant diseases and improve plant care. More

Plantum (8M+ downloads, App Store rating—4.6) is an AI-based digital tool that helps to identify plants, diagnose plant diseases, and improve plant care.

Thanks to AI technology, the app can identify over 14,000 plant species, diagnose their states, and give specified care advice.

Users take photos of their indoor or outdoor plants using Plantum and receive recommendations on how to choose soil, water, and fertilize plants, set the appropriate temperature conditions, and more.

We make content in collaboration with expert botanists

Plantum replaces a plant encyclopedia and contains a lot of articles and videos on how to improve a plan care routine. Also, the app includes a light meter that allows you to measure a sunlight level and choose the most appropriate place for your houseplant.

Plantum is a personal assistant for plant lovers and all who want to save indoor or outdoor plants without worries and the necessity to remember botanist advice about plants care.

Plant identifier

Recognize over 14,000 plants

Try taking a picture of a tree in the park and recognize it with our app.

Plant doctor

Identify diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant

No matter how hard you try, your plants may get sick. Don’t ignore early symptoms and try to recognize the disease your plant is suffering from. It will give you the idea about how severe the problem is and accelerate your plant’s recovery.

Plant care guide

Learn how to make your plants thrive

You get a gorgeous-looking flowering plant for your birthday. But in a few weeks, it starts giving you signals that it doesn’t feel comfortable.

How often has it happened to you? For your plant not to die, you have to know how much water, light, and fertilizer it needs to stay healthy. Plantum stores all the information in one place.

Plant journal

Get timely reminders and don’t let your plant wither

Keeping all care recommendations in your head at once is quite a challenging task

Set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules right in the app – and see your plants thrive.

Plant encyclopedia

Read insightful articles every day and discover the diversity of the world’s flora.

Get Plantum and embark on the journey to becoming a true nature expert today.

Everything you need is one tap away!