Notebag is a new innovative way of note taking whose purpose is to make day-to-day activities more efficient. It is easy to navigate and it useful for gathering, organizing, and resurfacing ideas. More

Notebag is a new experience in note-taking that aims to be an efficient day-to-day companion. It is completely navigable by keyboard and includes a host of useful features for gathering, organizing, and resurfacing your ideas.

No more opening another app or your browser just to jot down some quick thoughts. With a global shortcut, you can automatically type without disrupting your train of thought.

It brings along a wide range of formattings that you can use to write your notes — text styles, lists, and more.

You can also link your notes, categorize them, get an instant preview as you type, and so much more. Everything you need in a single app!

  • Fully keyboard compatible
  • Omnibar for quick navigation
  • Fuzzy search for notes
  • Live markdown preview
  • Bi-directional links
  • Nestable categories