In contrast to other solutions and markdown editors, MonsterWriter provides features for complex content. Equations, footnotes, bibliography, table of contents, captions, and more. More

MonsterWriter is a word processor optimized for scientific and technical content content. It’s based on the WYSIWYM principle where as the most word processors are based on WYSIWYG.

You can use:

  • References to books, articles
  • Cross-References to sections, tables, figures, diagrams, code blocks, equations
  • Footnotes
  • Always up to date table of contents
  • Always up to date bibliography
  • Inline LaTeX equations
  • LaTeX equation blocks with an optional caption
  • Images with an optional caption
  • Tables with an optional caption
  • Code blocks with an optional caption
  • Diagrams with an optional caption (Mermaid Based)
  • Ordered/unordered lists
  • Bold, italic, underlined, and hyperlinked text
  • Export as LaTeX file and for random customization

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