Decompress & boost your focus with curated Mindfulness exercises you can practice anywhere. More

Destress, reduce distractions, and improve your relationships with MindFi, the innovative app that helps bring mindfulness into your busy life.

Created by top meditation teachers and neuroscientists, MindFi helps you stay mindful with open eyes, so you can recharge wherever and whenever you want.

It suggests 4 different mindfulness modes based on your local time of day: You can take a quick break with a silent breathing session; practice short, relevant meditations to make rough days better; focus on your to-dos with the Pomodoro timer; or, if you have time, decompress with 10 minutes of closed-eye meditation.

No time to meditate?

Try it with open eyes.

CONVENIENT: Be mindful with open eyes. Destress & recharge anytime at work, home.

PERSONALIZED: We analyze your body clock so you know when to meditate.

MEASURABLE: Track your progress with novel, research-based exercises.



Sneak in a break anytime with a silent, haptic breathing session.

Just 1 minute.

Pick a mood and get short, relevant meditations to make your rough days better.


Pick a mood and get short, relevant meditations to make your rough days better.


Too many todos? Try our Pomodoro timer for mindful, phone-free work.


Start or end your day with 10 minutes of closed-eye meditation when you can.

MindFi advocates a fresh and practical approach for busy people to learn mindfulness meditation.

Use the app to practice during your daily routines and turn “down-time” into me-time.

Reduce distractions and train your focus, destress and recharge yourself, improve your work and personal relationships.

Be mindful anytime, anywhere with MindFi.