With MeetZippy you just need to create a link and share to go live! No monthly fees and no signup to join. Internal chat, CTA, presentations, editor, and social streaming in one click. More

Record HD quality video and create online courses in 60 seconds with MeetZippy

According to a recent WR survey, people typically enjoy video conferencing.

A survey of over 250 decision makers across 200 commercial enterprises revealed that the average respondent uses video or participates in a meeting with video in 45% of their total meetings.

And these folks are meeting quite a bit.

You must be thinking that Why I am telling you these Figures?

Because Video Meeting Industry is growing Fast and More Business Trust this as It opens door to Closing Rapid Business Deals compare to Cold Calls.

Not Only Big Business but Following Small Business are also using video meetings:

  • Coaching
  • Business Deals
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant and Small Business like Plumbing etc…
  • Forex
  • Doctors

And this list is endless.

So if you are not using this advance tool that replace cold calling, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Imagine about the difference in face to face deal closing and on an audio call.

It is having endless opportunity even a plumber, technician can earn money from video call by providing on call solution to the client and taking payment from them for the consultancy.

To get on board this business method, you normally need expensive software like Zoom that is being used by 45% video conferencing clients.

That’s why we from LTD Hunt would like to introduce you to MeetZippy: All in One Video Software!

With MeetZippy, you’ll get an all in one video marketing suite that can handle just about any video marketing task you can throw at it.

Just take a look at a few of the things MeetZippy can do

  • Whiteboard demo sharing

    You can collaborate with potential customers using our in built whiteboard, draw and explain stuff to your prospects and customers…

  • PowerPoint presentation live

    You can present PowerPoint presentation live with a prospect instantly…

    No complicated registration, no need to travel to meet a prospect.

    You can fire up PowerPoint presentation instantly on a live meeting and present your prospect and service to a hungry prospect and turn them into clients.

  • File Sharing

    MeetZippy makes file sharing so easy. Share a file with participants in the meeting while you talk about product and services

  • Switch between Presenters

    Meetzippy enables you to switch between presenters, as the host if you want to allow your guest to be presenter it’s one click away.

    Quick access to all your recordings in MeetZippy, just record then downlaod.

  • Join Meetings without registration

    Join Meetings without registration just one click and you’re in.Join the meeting from any device mobile, tablet or laptop.

  • Custom Branding And Email

    Hosting a meeting or sending an email?

    With MeetZippy you can add your own logo on the screen or in your Creaye uniqueness in your branding and stand out from the competition

  • Product Demos and presentations

    MeetZippy is designed for product demos, hosting great presentations at scale, qualifying your leads, then onboarding them with one on one meetings to accelerate sales.

  • Customer Training

    MeetZippy whiteboard enables you to create Live sessions to answer questions, describe diagrams live and share new features with customers and prospects.

  • Create Online Courses

    MeetZippy Allows you to create online courses live and place the recording on known training platforms like Udemy, Cousera and lyda.com for even more revenue.

    Teaching live allows you to present in an environment that encourages interactions which also converts cod prospects into red hot leads.

  • Live Video Podcasts and Interviews

    Podcasts is huge today! Podcasts attracts and brings attention to your business like no other.

    MeetZippy enables you to host a live video podcasts where you can invite multiple guests on your shows and provide value.

  • Record HD Video for Webinar, Courses and Tutorials

    Design your entire course on this platform and have a recording ready to be loaded on platforms like Udemy, coursera and teachable!

The only thing it can’t do is make a mean omelette!

With MeetZippy you just need to create a link and share to go live!

No monthly fees and no login/signup to join. Internal chat, CTA, presentations, editor, and social streaming in one click.

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Checkout the MeetZippy demo below

MeetZippy can be use to arrange Meeting with Several Clients at once while other software want upgrade based on your requirement.

With Zoom, for examples, you are not going to get a Calendar Booking System and Payment taking
Option with CTA for a Basic Version , You need to Upgrade Monthly.

But with MeetZippy One time upgrade you can enjoy many fetaures.

Moreover you are getting a discount coupon of 30% thought the funnel.

Best thing is that you can get a reseller license of MeetZippy now and can resell to video meeting clients at your own pricing.

Okay, What is Bad?

One thing only- MeetZippy is selling fast and special coupon that is giving 30% discount on they lifetime deal is going to expire soon.

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