Linked Assist helps you to connect directly with Business Owners and automates the most important tasks for you! More

Generally, it takes a ton of effort and time to find that ideal fit to use all the marketing features effectively with LinkedIn.

So we ask ourselves: Is there a smarter way, a simpler way, a more straightforward approach to automate the absolute most important marketing tasks and features with LinkedIn?

In light of that goal in mind, Linked Assist Lifetime Deal was designed.

Linked Assist automates your LinkedIn Marketing with the goal that you get more outreach and grow your network.

The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool in 2020 is perfect for professionals who want to succeed in their Marketing Goals on LinkedIn.

This Automation Tool For LinkedIn helps you to connect directly with Business Owners and automates the most important tasks for you!

The powerful features that Linked Assist is equipped with are:

Send Automatically Connection Requests With Ease

This is probably the feature that your subscribers are looking for!
Linked Assist can send requests to 2nd & 3rd connections .
To increase the chances of getting more connections and you can also have the ability to add a personalized message!

Message Automatically to People You Are Connect With

That’s right, you have the flexibility to send direct messages to your connections on LinkedIn.
How cool is that? Just imagine sending messages to potential clients , and getting loads of high quality leads in return , without spending countless hours on LinkedIn alone.

Export Crucial Data in CSV Format

This feature is perfect to analyze how Linked Assist is performing. But it can also be used to save profile links of people you have contacted or sent connection requests to .

Endorse Profiles Autonomously

Linked Assist also includes an incredibly useful feature of endorsing multiple profiles simultaneously, and of course, automatically.

This allows you or your clients to get those recommendations they need to progress further in their career or build trust and credibility among their customers.

Save Messages and Signatures as Templates

Linked Assist also allows you to save personalized messages and signatures (such as contact details) as templates.

This feature will save you a lot of time writing messages / signatures again and again .

Benefits of Linked Assist

LinkedIn Automation that generates Leads automatically in any niche combined with the power that LinkedIn offers.

Reach out to numerous targeted prospects , interact with them without breaking a sweat, and start turning them into customers.

Engage your network , increase sales , and stay top-of-mind.

Get Linked Assist today!

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