Reduce Support Requests And Create Happier Customers With A Customizable Knowledge Base, Embeddable Help Widget & Changelog In One Gorgeous Widget. More

Good help is hard to find these days. You have some FAQ docs on one page, a support page, video tutorials on YouTube, and an updates page hidden somewhere on your website.

Not the best experience. These scattered help resources cause confused customers and more support tickets and work for you.

With LabiKnow you can create a fully streamlined support experience in a single widget.

With a Customizable Knowledge Base, Embeddable Help Widget & Changelog in one gorgeous widget.

The tool will help you effortlessly onboard customers, keep them engaged and updated, without having to spend hours on support.

The Beautiful Support Widget That Does It All

Build Your Knowledge Base Directly In LabiKnow

Design a beautiful knowledge base, create onboarding guides and articles that answer your customer’s most asked questions.

Create help center articles with our easy to use online editor. Use the rich-text editor to create help center articles in seconds.

Add images, videos, texts, and much more.

Deliver Updates Or Your Changelog Directly In The Widget

Want to deliver updates, news, announcements, or your product changelog? You can easily do this directly in the notification center.

Keep your users in the loop with all the updates, changes, upcoming events, bugs, fixes, and much more!

You can create interactive, visual announcements with LabiKnow editor tools, like video, photo, buttons, and more.

Let Users Contact You Directly Through A Contact Form In The Widget

If users still did not get the answer through the help center docs in the widget, then they can contact you directly through email or live chat!

The end-user can send you a ticket with their question by clicking on the “Contact Support” or “Ask” button.

They will be asked to fill out a simple contact form with their:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Description of the issue/question/concern/feedback

Once the message is sent, they will be given a ticket number, which they and you can use in order to track it.

Advanced Analytics To Improve Your Articles And Widget To Reduce The Number Of Questions By Up To 80%

Track all the searches performed by the end-users. You will be able to track:

  • Article Total Views
  • Article Unique Views
  • Views per visit
  • Top Articles
  • Top Searches
  • Failed Searches

If there is a failed search, it will be displayed in the dashboard. So if you see many failed searches on similar topics (keywords), you can go ahead and create a designated article to cover the topic.