Keywords Advantage is an Amazon listing editor. Think Google Docs or Word Doc for Amazon merchants and FBA sellers. It’s the tool you didn’t think you needed…until you started using it More

If you’re a private label seller on Amazon then you can think of Keywords Advantage as if Google Docs and your favorite SEO tool had a baby. Do you have 2 minutes to spare?

If you’re an Amazon seller then you know how important your listing page is. You also know how critical it is to choose the right keywords in your listing title, product features & descriptions.

This is where Keywords Advantage comes in. Keywords Advantage is a complete Amazon listing editor. It gives you a simple to use dashboard that makes it easy for you to include all the keywords you want to rank for.

It also gives you several tools that allow you to manipulate your listing copy so Amazon knows exactly what you’re selling.

Now you can create beautiful, highly converting Amazon product titles, features, and descriptions without needing to learn complicated HTML.

It’s everything you want in one single dashboard. 

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