Manage all customer notifications and support requests in one place. Talk to your teammates over Juphy to deliver the fastest solution to your customers on all communication platforms. More

Does your support team spend half their day logging in and out of social platforms to respond to different customers? (“How many crosswalk images will prove I’m not a robot?!”)

Not only is switching channels a pain for your reps, but it’s also a recipe for missing important comments or messages that keeps your customers from getting quality support.

Lucky for you, the days of juggling questions and support requests across platforms are over thanks to this single inbox solution.

Juphy to the rescue!

Juphy is a customer support tool that allows businesses to manage all their customer conversations and support requests on social media from one inbox.

Named as a “High Performer” in G2’s Social Customer Service Category for Winter 2021, Juphy simplifies social customer service and saves time for support teams.

The award-winning tool enables organizations to manage and respond to all social conversations in a unified inbox.

Agencies and freelancers can create different workspaces for multiple brands to manage their social channels all in one platform.

With a single click, you’ll be able to quickly respond to direct messages, mentions, reviews, comments, and emails on one dashboard.

Manage all of your customer notifications and support requests in a single, unified inbox

Juphy makes it easy for customer support teams to work together without having to juggle platforms.

Add team members to Juphy to collaborate on customer engagements and tickets in real-time, allowing you to provide faster service without worrying about missing a message.

Search for specific topics or people to locate their messages across social platforms in just a few seconds

Juphy makes it easy to communicate with customers by allowing you to respond to social messages and ticket requests directly from the dashboard.

You can also talk to team members directly on the platform, making it faster and easier to solve customer inquiries.

Gain valuable insights about your customer support through automated reports

Every second you spend switching between browser tabs and fumbling over ALL the passwords is another second you could’ve spent addressing customer messages.

With Juphy, you can consolidate support requests and questions in one cross-platform social inbox that makes collaboration a piece of cake.

You’ll save time, boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and give your support reps the break they deserve!