Incises is a link shortener, but not your usual one. It combines advanced technologies that allow you to add call-to-action or text of your own choice on any website. More

Content is King, but what if… you could drive traffic on others’ content.

Yup, with Link-cloaking iframe-breaker CTA of you can drive content to your website by sharing others’ content.

What if… you could re-target, analyze, and convert visitors into potential customers along with that?

Introducing Incises

It is a new and revolutionary tool that can do that for you, along with a lot more goodies. It isn’t a normal link shortener. It allows you to add Call-To-Action to any website, even if it has iframe protection.

All-in-One Link Shortener Tool

Generate QR Codes – For text, SMS, Wi-Fi, v-card, link, email, phone, WhatsApp, or crypto wallet.

Bio Profile – It Lets you create a unique and completely customizable profile for mobile display or use in your Instagram or Twitter account.

User Targeting – Target users having different geo locations to different long URLs from a single short link.

Re-Target Users – You can integrate pixels and tags of all major platforms and re-target interested users. It provides powerful analysis tools to track link performance

Diversion of Traffic – Drive Traffic on others’ content. Incises automatically create an iframe-breaker (summary page) if the target page has an iframe lock.

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