Inbox Zero is an open-source email app that puts you back in control of your inbox. Clean Up Your Inbox In Minutes. More

Clean Up Your Inbox In Minutes!

Newsletter management, AI automation, and email analytics.Inbox Zero is the open-source email app that puts you back in control of your inbox.

It has undergone a thorough security process with Google to ensure the protection of your emails. You can even self-host Inbox Zero on your own infrastructure.

Clean up your subscriptions

See all newsletter and marketing subscriptions in one place. Unsubscribe in a click.

  • One-click unsubscribe – Don’t search for the unsubscribe button. Unsubscribe with a single click or auto archive emails instead.
  • See who emails you most – See who’s sending you the most marketing and newsletter emails to prioritise who to unsubscribe from.
  • How often they email – View analytic charts to see how often you get emails from certain senders to take action.

Understand your inbox

Understanding your inbox is the first step to dealing with it. Understand what is filling up your inbox. Then figure out an action plan to deal with it.

  • Who emails you most – Someone emailing you too much? Figure out a plan to handle this better.
  • Who you email most – If there’s one person you’re constantly speaking to is there a better way for you to speak?
  • What type of emails you get – Getting a lot of newsletters or cold emails? Try automatically archiving and labelling them with our AI.

Your AI assistant for email

Keep getting emails that require the same response? Let Inbox Zero handle it.

  • Automate your replies – Our AI agent will reply, forward, or archive emails based on the rules you provide it.
  • Planning mode – Let our AI plan what to do for you. Accept or reject in a click. Turn on full automation once you’re confident the AI can work on its own.
  • Instruct in plain English – It’s as easy as talking to an assistant or sending a prompt to ChatGPT.

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