Ideal Resume is a browser-based resume optimization application. The application gives you the opportunity to highlight specific skills and personalize your resume.

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Ideal Resume is a browser-based resume optimization application.

Over 70% of resumes are never seen by a hiring manager. That’s because many companies rely on automated software known as applicant tracking systems, or ATS, to collect and rank the high volume of resumes they receive.

Think of these rankings like Google search results, but for your resume. You want to rank on the first page of Google for significant web traffic.

Similarly, your resume needs to rank near the top of a hiring manager’s ATS dashboard to get noticed.

Ideal Resume helps you to knock the socks off these resume screening robots and rank higher!

Instantly score your resume to any job description and receive recommendations to boost your score to the 80% or higher sweet spot.

Every day your job search drags on is costing you money. Create laser-focused, tailored versions of your resume, and start getting more interviews today!

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