HoverSignal is a complete set of interactive sales tools that make heavy use of gamification to engage website users with your products and offers. More

You have amazing products, but your website is bringing in no clients? Or to be more precise, no one? (Houston, we have a problem).

Creating a highly interactive website that will really engage and convert visitors into potential leads can feel like an impossible mission when you don’t have thousands of dollars (or Steve Jobs’ brain).

Luckily, we have HoverSignal

HoverSignal is a complete set of interactive sales tools that make heavy use of gamification to engage website users with your products and offers.

Let’s think about the user a moment: People do love interactions and to spend time in places with this kind of stimulus (or else we wouldn’t happily spend more time playing games than working).

With HoverSignal, as soon as users access your website and start discovering the many options they can interact with, you can be assured  they’ll have an amazing and unique experience!

This stimulus is going to motivate your users to explore on their own by trying out different options to choose from.

Hoversignal allows you to create as many customized widgets as you can imagine, customize and use them for your specific needs.

With more than 200 editable templates, it works in any device and can be integrated with the best platforms.

So let’s look at what some of these widgets can do

Rank higher in search engines with Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs widget stimulates users’ desire to find hidden prizes, and this natural behavior will automatically improve your SEO ranking and increase your visibility to attract new clients.

Increase your customer base using Quizzes

The Quizzes widget will capture the attention of potential customers by creating interactive quizzes with high strategic marketing functionality.

How does this work practically? Visitors will enter their info to answer a fun quiz with questions that are relevant to your business, and you can use that info to create relevant offers when contacting them.

With this widget, you get users’ interests, contact details, and a market research at the same time! Is that all? No, it also allows you to create calculators and landing pages.

Stay connected with your customers by integrating their social networks to your website using Feed widgets

The Facebook and Instagram feed widgets allow you to display your latest updates from your social media accounts on your website. 

This allows you to get more followers, and also allows you to communicate with users much easier since they can easily get to know your new products and offers.

You’land getting lost in posts that compete for their attention… (Oh.. Lady Gaga just had a new surgery).  

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Make your company more reliable with the testimonials widget

With Facebook reviews and Instagram testimonial widgets, you can build your company’s trustworthiness through authentic testimonials shared by real people. Nowadays, no one trusts testimonials that are not written by real people.

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Increase your productivity by using widget forms

The Forms widget will become your favorite sales assistant. (We hope your assistant isn’t reading this because he/she might get a bit jealous.)

You will be able to design attractive, interactive forms that are customized to any of your business needs, such as appointment scheduling, service surveys, product inquiries, course enrollment, etc.

This will not only make the processing of data easier, but it will also considerably improve the way your customers are served.

Improve customer service with the help of our feedback widgets and NPS

The Comments and NPS widget allows your business to reach unimaginable levels of customer satisfaction. 

You can get key information directly from your potential clients to make strategic improvements in your company.

Use Social Proof to convert more visitors to your site

The Social Proof widget increases trust and engages customers by using several strategic interactive notifications.

The best part is… It increases your site conversions by inspiring a sense of urgency for your customers to buy your products. 

Your visitors will rush to the checkout if they know the most attractive deals can be missed.

Spinning Wheel will help you generate hundreds of leads

The Spinning Wheel widget allows you to collect hundreds of emails by arousing the curiosity of site visitors to play games and try their luck.

Connect with your customers from your Telegram or WhatsApp

The Chat widget allows you to easily add Whatsapp and Telegram floating buttons to your website.

This will improve the communication with your current and new customers.It’s also prevents people from leaving because they couldn’t find the contact section.

Connect Leads automatically

The Sales Pop widget allows you to collect more leads in multiple ways.

An all-in-one tool with no coding needed!

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