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Made to improve and ease your daily development experience.


Inspect html and css by just hovering over the element.

  • Computed View
  • Selector View
  • Media Queries & Animations
  • Pseudo Element & Classes
  • Live Edit Styles
  • Copy Styles
  • Hot Reload
  • Search Elements
  • Hide/Remove Elements
  • Edit Element
  • Syntax Hightlighting
  • Grids
  • Guidelines
  • Google Fonts
  • Export to Codepen

Color Eyedropper

Pick colors from anywhere on the page even images and iframes.

Built With

Ever wonder what technologies a site uses? Now you can know that just by one click.

Responsive Mode

Preview all target screens in a single window side-by-side. Brings down your development time!

Mirrored Interactions

Any click, scroll or navigation that you perform in one device will be replicated to all devices in real-time.

Manage Devices

Add new custom device profiles as you like and arrange devices to fit your style.

Hot-Reloading Supported

Does your development server support Hot-Reloading? Then we do too! Hot-Reload all devices in real-time for every save.


Extract imagessvgs and videos from page and download them.


Take screenshot of the page or capture screenshot of all the tabs at once.

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