Hexowatch lets you effortlessly monitor competitor webpages for changes in visuals, keywords, source code, prices, and more. More

As the old saying goes, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” (The enemies have rebranded as “industry competitors” now.)

Say Hello to Hexowatch.

Hexowatch is your AI sidekick to monitor any website for visual, content, source code, technology, availability, or price changes.

You’ll get nine different monitoring options with Hexowatch.

Each option can be selected from the easy-to-understand interface, with a quick description of what each monitoring option does.

All you need to do is add the URL and select which changes you’d like to track, and Hexowatch is on it like AirPods on millennials.

Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

The visual monitor lets you check pages for any visible updates, and there’s even a slider to let you compare two site versions side-by-side.

This is also key for landing page updates or to check if a recent web development update messed up your lovely site design.

Hexowatch makes it easy to get an update when visible text is changed with the content monitor.

Meanwhile, the keyword monitor will keep you in the loop if specific keywords are found or removed from a page.

Use the visual monitor to highlight recent changes and even see a side-by-side comparison of a site!

Hexowatch goes a step further by letting you use an HTML monitor on one or more fields—perfect for checking price updates or product availability.

The visual and HTML element monitors also enable you to perform custom actions such as clicking, logging in to password protected sites, setting cookies, or closing modal windows.

You can also use the technology monitor to keep an eye on changes to the tech stack or third-party scripts used on any page.

Check for changes for any timeframe, from three months to 30 minutes, and get an overview on the dashboard

It’s not easy keeping up with all of your competitors (not to mention which memes the kids are using these days).

That’s why Hexowatch automates the process with options for visual, content, HTML, keyword, WHOIS, and technology monitoring, giving you all the insights with none of the work.

This is your chance to finally get back to focusing on your own business, instead of everyone else’s.

Get lifetime access to Hexowatch today!