Hexometer uses artificial intelligence to suggest growth opportunities and detect anomalies in the performance of your website in real time. More

Unlike traditional uptime and page speed monitoring platforms that just tell you when your website is down or slow.

Hexometer’s AI assistant works in real time to suggest growth opportunities and detect anomalies in your website performance before they burn a hole in your pocket.

Monitor any website, and get started in minutes – no code changes required.

Uptime and Error monitoring for all your web pages and services

Uptime monitoring services typically focus on your homepage, the problem is downtime can happen independently on any page.

A recent code update gone wrong, a CDN cache failure, a rogue plugin breaking your product pages, a script update that breaks your checkout page, a mail server issue preventing emails from reaching your customers are just the tip of the iceberg that can go unnoticed for days …

Hexometer provides 24/7 peace of mind by continuously monitoring

  • Uptime
  • HTTP responses for every page on your website
  • DNS records
  • SSL certificates
  • Security headers

Performance monitoring & optimisations for a mobile first world

According to a Google study 87% of internet users in the US use more than one device when going online and they found that every second delay in page load can impact conversion rate by up to 20%. Is your website ready for a mobile first world?

Hexometer monitors your most important pages daily, helping you track and improve your performance via actionable insights

  • Analyze website performance from desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Monitor page speed
  • Get actionable insights to fix performance issues
  • Check how your home page display in different devices

Real time broken link, server error and JS bug monitoring

Maintaining a website is a full time job; every website update, wordpress version change, plugin update, website modification or 3rd party script has the potential to break things.

Whilst a visual bug might lower your conversion rate, a broken functionality like a shopping cart is much more costly.

The problem is compounded when these errors affect specific pages or devices, potentially remaining unnoticed for days, weeks or even months preventing your customers from purchasing your products.

  • Receive instant notifications when errors or bugs are detected
  • Hexometer detects server errors, JS errors, HTTP response errors, broken pages, links and assets
  • Get detailed debugging information to pinpoint and fix problems
  • Monitor website health trends

Real time SEO Optimisation to grow your traffic

Hexometer helps you grow and protect your organic website traffic by continuously monitoring changes made to your landing pages, sitemap and robot.txt for SEO issues that could hurt your search engine rankings.

Out in-depth SEO audits check every page of your website for on-site issues that can affect your search engine rankings as well as identify areas for optimization.

Security monitoring for peace of mind

30,000 websites get hacked every single day, are you next?

Our AI assistant monitors your website for known malware and malicious code.

We also check your security headers, SSL certificate and if your website is blacklisted by the leading security authorities.

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