Happierleads is a lead-gen tool designed to give you information on each and every person that visits your website. More

Having a steady flow of site visitors is pointless if you can’t contact them directly to sell your offer. (“I’d love to put a face to the username.”)

Even if your opt-in form is front and center, most of your site visitors won’t submit their contact info before they’re ready to shop.

What if you could identify anonymous site visitors and connect with them before your website gets lost in their browsing history?

Introducing Happierleads

Happierleads is the B2B marketing platform that verifies anonymous website visitors and transforms them into customers.

Find out who visited your website and be notified immediately

It gives you specific information about your site’s visitors — including their contact details, the company they work for, how many times they visited your site, which pages they visited, and how much time they have spent on your site overall.

You can then use this information as a sales lead to reach out and close that deal, using the insider knowledge that you now have.

After months of research, Happierleads is in a position to prove that it reveal more leads than any other competitor out there.

If you don’t believe them, try it yourself side by side with any other similar tool.

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