Fouita Smart Widgets has been designed to help you convert visitors into customers. Easily embed a call-to-action button on any website and allow your users to instantly access live chat, request for support or place an order. More

Do you need to work with something that gives more clues about how to proceed in the presence of potential buyers on your website?

Meet Fouita Smart Widgets

Fouita Smart Widgets can help you convert visitors to customers via interactive widgets.

Engage visitors based on their interactions, the pages they visit, the source they are coming from, the geolocation, and much more.

Customize the design, the text, the images, and even the code of each widget.

Catch your visitors’ attention through a custom flow to show/hide widgets at the right time.

Collect detailed and custom analytics (click, hover, submit, close, etc.), as well as full reports with visitors’ origin, location, UTM parameters, and more.

Managing your widget flow enables you to decide when and where to show or hide the widget, based on multiple factors:

  • Custom region and location
  • URL parameters
  • Number of visits of the page that contains the widget
  • An existing element in the page to see if a user is connected or not
  • Hide the widget if a user already clicked, subscribed, etc.
  • Hide for a certain time after X closes

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