Fincenti is a growth and productivity toolbox with Growth Insights, Daily Progress/End of Day Reflection tools on My Feed, and Team Feed for teams. More

TRACK your daily activities in the first tab of your browser with Fincenti, REFLECT on your day with structured questions at the end of your day, and SPICE IT UP with Growth Insights for better productivity.

Overview – My Feed

Easy conversational UI type progress checks and reflections.

With 16+ templates created by scientists and business consultants across the globe, it gives you global competitiveness.

Reflection is known to boost your productivity by up to 22% in peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Daily Progress Tools

Capture what happens in your day, whether day-to-day activities – meetings, calls, emails, notifications, and messages from communication and collaboration tools, or growth activities.

End of Day Reflections

End your day with Fincenti’s End of Day Reflection templates for a better you and your team tomorrow.

Pick one or two from the expert reviewed and curated soft skill and hard skill templates with reflection questions, templates, growth insights, and tips to activate your deep thinking in the various topics to skill up whenever you feel like it.

Feedback, Review and Note

Provide feedback to you and your team as the work progresses.

Make sure your strategy gets into implementation flawlessly with constructive feedback and frequent reviews.

Create a note for gathering fast facts and making inferences or for anything note-worthy!

Team Feed View

Fincenti is for individuals and teams! Want to even out the soft skills in your team in order to reduce conflicts? Need to track the progress of a fast-growing team in a non-intrusive manner?

The Team Feed is to get a view on how your team works – with privacy filters so that your team can choose whether to share or not.

List of Templates and growing insights on topics

  • Soft-skills
  • Hard-skills
  • Fincenti Insights

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