EmailScraper is the most powerful web-based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, bulk URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. More

EmailScraper is designed carefully so that you can install and use it very easily

EmailScraper is an incredibly fast and flexible web crawler & email scraper which runs targeted email extractions to provide you with a client database within a short period of time.

Now you can quickly identify and reach your potential customers by taking advantage of this amazing email extractor.

Creating a database with emails from your potential clients has never been easier.

Web Crawling

Enter website address. The tool then start to find all url of the website and scrape email address from all urls. It can extract encoded email too.

Bulk URL Crawling

Upload your url from text or csv file. Start scraping all url. The tool then start to scrape email from all url you have uploaded.

Google Search

Search in Google with keyword, then select sites like,, or other sites to extract desired emails.

Bing Search

Search in Bing with keyword, then select sites like,, or other sites to extract desired emails.

Whois Search

Get the domain’s whois information like admin email, technical email, name server, created date, expired date, last update date, sponsor. Have bulk search ability.

Email Validation

Check email is valid or invalid. Bulk checking facility is available. We check email pattern and MX record for validity checking.

Email Filtering

Make your email list by removing duplicate email. Import txt or csv or put email in textarea, export list with unique email as txt / csv.

Search in PDF File

Search email in pdf file. You can upload bulk PDF files and extract email from all pdf files.

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