EasySplitter is the Most Innovative Technology in the Music Industry That Uploads Tracks, Removes Vocals & Provides 4 Separated Music Versions — Vocal, Instrumental, Bass, and Drums. More

Are you tired of wasting your time while trying to remove vocals from a song manually? With EasySplitter, you will forget about splitting songs into separated STEMs manually.

With the fastest processing speed, this AI-based vocal remover will split any song into 4 STEMs: Vocal, Instrumental, Drums, and Bass.

Each split song can be played in real-time in the built-in audio player at your own dashboard.

All the files can also be downloaded at any time. The file history feature will allow you to keep your split files on hand. All the files will be stored in your cabinet.

Fast processing

Allows users to split the song much faster

Web & mobile synchronization

All functions have the web version plus files converted in web version will be available for the mobile app


Developed with the cleanest code & was tested by professionals to avoid any bugs

Audio without quality loss

Allows users to remove vocals from songs without any audio quality loss

File history

Store split audio files so you can access it anytime

Beautiful & simple UI

Smart UI allows users to understand how to work with splitter in just a few seconds

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