Setup money making review websites in any niche in minutes and stay on top of one of the most lucrative investments. More

One thing is certain, Review Websites are everywhere and they rank on top search engine SERP’s.

Creating websites and platforms for several years, we have found review directory sites to be the most profitable investment. There are several reasons for it:

  1. If you have a well-structured review directory site, the chances of ranking the site are very high. Google and search engines love review sites.
  2. If you go on and search for any listings like: “Best XYZ Software”, “Best XYZ Shampoo”. You will find review style listicles everywhere.

If you can get the directory sites ranked. The potential for earning money opens up a lot.

How to Earn Money through Review Directory Platforms

We will be including all real screenshots (independently verifiable).

We have blurred out the screenshots below. Buyers who purchase this system will get access to the real images and screenshots of how the selling is done.

We have blurred the screenshot in public because we do not want the buyers of this platform to lose the earning potential by exposing these secrets publicly.

Once you purchase the platform you will get full access to all the real images of our sales.

1. You can sell sponsored listings

2. People pay to get listed on the higher spot

3. People pay affiliate commissions when your review listing goes bananas

4. Sell your own products

Lots of review website owners launch products and start to sell products of their own.

The reason for selling your own products is that you don’t have to get a commission cut but the entire money goes to you.

Further, it makes sense to release a product on the topic where your content is already ranking.

5. Flip the Website

We recently flipped a website with traffic. It was not making any major revenue but the traffic was coming on high commercial intent keywords.

We created a “Website Prospectus” (The website prospectus along with the real conversation with the website buyer will be included with this offer), reached out to a few interested parties through Facebook groups and finally flipped the website.

Check out bellow the website that we sold. Notice the high traffic value.

We sold this website in a good 5 figures dollar amount. We invested a total of less than 20 hours in planning and managing the content. The outsourced the entire content writing.

6. Sell advertisement spots (Adsense and others)

People tell me that they do earn profits through Google Ads but to us, it’s the last option as the potential of earning through other ways negates this.

Although I personally don’t like earning pennies on traffic so I don’t publish any Adsense ads myself now.

So no income claims here. 🙂

As you can see, we have earned money by doing almost all the things myself and I have included the income proofs for the same as well.

We have found generating income through review directory websites is one of the easiest ways We have found to make money.

Our Review Directory Website System

This time, I am building — “A Software Review Platform” based on our prior content experience.

With this deal, you can create a website exactly like this. Feel free to navigate and see how powerful is it.

Check out some unique features

1. Automatic change in listings position based on the number of reviews.

The listings go up and down on the listing page automatically based on the number of reviews.

It creates competition between the founders of the product to bring in more reviews from their customers to get the top spot.

This means free content for you without you having to write anything yourself. It also means that idle content will be regularly updated. That too without you having to spend time on the listings yourself.

2. Pros and Cons management

Each product has it’s own review block where the reviewers can list the Pros and Cons of the product to submit their reviews.

So it is not always the good things that are listed by the fellow reviewers but they also need to mention the negative aspects of the item.

This allows transparency in reviews as the person does not have to list only the positive aspects of a product but also the negative aspects.

The reviews are displayed with Star rating along with Pros and Cons of the service.

3. Product Submission from Frontend

Since, its a review style directory sites, you have to allow anyone to publish their own products from the frontend in the right category.

Also, the submission form is integrated with Social Login system so that people don’t have to spend too much time to create accounts, etc. They can simply log in through their social profiles and submit their products or items or services.

4. Social Login System to Submit Listings/Reviews through Facebook

People are more intended to submit their own products and reviews if they can get the seamless flow of submission.

Registration forms often hinder that that’s why we have added the Connect with the Facebook option in the signup form to facilitate easy signup and submission.

5. Automatic Year change in Titles and Meta Tags

All listings have the titles like “10 Best Spa Software 2019”.

The year in the title of the listings changes automatically based on the current year. If it’s 2020, the titles and other aspects will change in itself.

Your listings remain fresh and give the sense to the users that it’s an updated listing that they are reading.

Also, you don’t have to do anything to manage this as everything happens automatically as the year change.

6. Automatic Listings number change in Title

All listings have the titles like “10 Best Spa Software 2019”.

If you see the number 10, this is not something which needs to be updated yourself manually, the number 10 changes automatically depending upon the products in that listings category.

So if its 5 products, it will become “5 Best Spa Software 2019”. If its 35 products/listings, it will become “35 Best Spa Software 2019”.

Again this saves you time and makes your listicles fresh and updated without you having to spend time on managing this yourself.

7. Products are differentiated in the listicles through a clear boundary between each listing

This idea comes from, They create lots of listicle based posts. Each thread in their posts can be commented on and reviewed by fellow readers.

Further, they add a partition between each and every listing to clearly define boundaries.

Their current traffic stands at 2.0 million/month and they are doing a lot of things right in terms of site structure, generating traffic and revenue.

I am willing to share the entire structure, module and custom plugins that powers on the backend.

Also, we are in the process of adding few more much-needed things in the Review Platform and they will be available to you as the platform grows.