Claritee is the first interactive wire-framing solution for non-designers & designers to collaborate on websites and mobile apps. More

Claritee is the first interactive wireframing solution for non-designers & designers to collaborate on website and mobile apps.

Now, entrepreneurs, marketers, web developers, and designers can collaborate from the start on the visual blueprint of websites and mobile apps, with the use of drag & drop recommended components.

Get back in control!

Unlike other tools, it gives non-designers a stage to collaborate visually. Once the interactive wireframe is complete you can hand it over to the designers/devs to continue working with their preferred tools.

Use the interactive sitemap tool to layout your website/app in minutes.

Cut out research time by using recommended components.

Build your own templates and create interactive clickable websites/apps.

Invite collaborators to the project, build your visual requirements with drag-and-drop components, and add your text.

Add images, and elements and easily link up your pages to create a clickable interactive layout.

Claritee results in a shorter design process, a happier team, and fewer meetings.

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