ChatMaxima is a no-code conversational AI platform that enables businesses to create custom chatbots for customer service and lead generation effortlessly. More

ChatMaxima empowers businesses to build AI-powered chatbots without any coding skills.

Create private or public-facing chatbots directly integrated into your website or documents.

Use the drag-and-drop chatbot builder to design and customize chatbots quickly.

Connect seamlessly with your website or ecommerce store using REST APIs and webhooks.

Redirect users to live agents for resolving high-priority issues and capturing customer responses.

Centralize customer messages across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, SMS, and live chat in one shared inbox.

Manage conversations with features like message categorization, sentiment detection, and AI-generated replies.

Access AI tools such as conversation summaries, auto-reply suggestions, WhatsApp templates, and broadcast messages.

Download the ChatMaxima mobile app to provide responsive customer service from anywhere.

Ideal for enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales with AI-driven chatbot solutions.