CatchLetter automatically captures all emails sent from a website to their mailing list. It then takes a screenshot, stores and alerting you about the email if’s important to you. More

Who else still feels bugged with long lists of unread emails to open?

Some of it never get attended to for life.

Virtually all business need to subscribe to dozen (or hundreds) newsletters to get updated about everything they need to improve their business.

Or even for monitoring competitor’s promotions.

Let´s be honest: Manage hundreds of emails in your current mailing platform to “primary”, “promotion” and “socials” is definitely not an easy job.

It’s annoying right when you want to find an email of your competitor or any random company that was sent some time or maybe years ago but your email is so cluttered that even after entering they keyword you may still unable to find it.

Even if you find it, you may get a ton of other complementary emails in that list as well. Right? Well, here’s when CatchLetter comes into the picture!

CatchLetter is the smart way to manage every single one of your email subscriptions and newsletters for the rest of your life.

Key Features :

  • Capture, Store and Analyse any email subscription you want.
  • Take automatic snapshots of every email
  • Keep your inbox clean – no more 9,999+ unread
  • Have a full analysis of your competitor’s emails so you have an edge
  • Enjoy lifetime email retention, no renewals
  • Customize alert from favorite newsletters
  • Get full analytics in a comfortable to read dashboard

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