Bizplan allows you to create business plans with an intuitive drag & drop builder, collaborate, and share them with investors and potential customers. More

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is not tracking how they need to grow. We fix that with today’s deal

I know what you’re thinking: business plans are a waste of time. They become outdated the second they’re finished.

And for the most part, you’d be right. Old school biz plans can suck up months of time better spent creating awesome businesses.

But as the ancient Hawaiians say, “You can’t hit what you don’t aim for”.

With Bizplan, you get that sniper aim of the key pieces of your business, allowing you to develop, track, and exceed your goals.

Bizplan gives you the tools to make a streamlined business plan and get funded in a snap.

It does this by simplifying the process and breaking it down into small pieces you can handle. (See that, you can already feel the heavyweight of an entire business plan being lifted from your shoulders.)

For starters, you are able to drag and drop in the builder.

Here, you can easily insert and complete the most crucial sections of any business plan.

Are your financials all over the place? Bizplan lets you visualize all of your key financial stats in one dashboard.

Just go ahead and plug in your numbers and Bizplan does the math. (And to think, my algebra teacher said I wouldn’t survive if I didn’t pass her class.)

The capabilities of this financial control center are downright impressive.

You can input salaries and expected increasestrack inventory costsproject revenue, and view every report you’ll ever need (Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Break Even Analysis, User Churn, etc.).

While you’re working on your beautifully crafted business plan, you can share it online with one single click!

This means team collaboration and sharing with investors is a breeze. (Investors will appreciate you not filling their inboxes with bulky attachments.)

In the end, the final product Bizplan produces is way more aesthetically pleasing than what the other guys are going to give you.

And you can even print out your final plan and show it off to your friends, family, and ex-girlfriend (I told you I would finish it, Sharon).

What you can do with Bizplan

  • Use drag & drop templates to formulate your business plan.
  • Complete a plan in any order you want w/ self-paced progress tracking.
  • Perform team salary forecasts & access to easy-to-use financial templates.
  • Import financial data from popular tools, like Xero & QuickBooks.
  • Share your plan online & collaborate w/ investors and stakeholders.
  • Get the whole team involved w/ threaded comments in every section across the entire plan.

Get this mofo now!

Whether your business is a seedling waiting to sprout, or a business already off the ground – Bizplan is here to take it to the next level and keep you on track.

P.S. If you are already using Xero or Quickbooks, you can integrate your financial data.

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