Beelinguapp helps you learn another language naturally. Learn up to 14 languages with texts and audiobooks, including fairy tales, news, scientific articles, and books. More

Research shows that while reading is a good way of learning, the listening approach has the potential to help increase reading comprehension skills and enjoyment of reading.

Beelinguapp uses this finding and empowers you to read a second language. It shows the same text in two languages, side by side.

At the same time, it’s an audiobook, and with its unique karaoke reading, you’ll follow the audio in the text on both sides.

There are many texts available in 14 languages including Spanish, English, German, Korean, French, and more.

The texts go from fairy tales, and news, to science papers and novels; new ones are added every week.

  • Read as you listen to a native language speaker
  • Follow our original audio recorded by a native language speaker to know how the words are pronounced
  • Choose from 14 languages
  • Select texts in the form of fairy tales, news, science papers, & novels.

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