Banaa is a No-Code Drag and Drop Website and E-Store Builder Build your websites and e-stores with ease without coding using our drag and drop blocks, one block at a time. More

Build a website without knowing how to code and add an e-store with cart platform to your existing website on a different webstack. allows the user to design, build, and launch responsive websites using #nocode drag & drop pre-designed and pre-developed responsive blocks.

With our headless CMS, Banaa users can set up an e-store on any techstack of their choice.

Banaa Website Builder

  • Nocode website builder
  • Hundreds of drag and drop blocks for each section of the website
  • Robust editor
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Free SSL Certificate

Banaa E-store builder

  • Headless CMS
  • Can add e-store to your existing website (wordpress, custom HTML etc)
  • Inventory Managemet
  • Discount
  • Taxes
  • Shipping

Working with pre-designed themes and templates provided by other builders

Cannot set up a sore on your existing website

If you do not like a certain element of a theme, you need to design and develop that element and integrate the same with the theme you’re using

Solutions below

No longer working with pre-designed themes

We provide pre-designed drag and drop blocks for each and every section of a website (Navigation bar, slideshow, content, features, teams, testomonials, countdown timers etc).

You can now customize your landing page / website by choosing any of he pre-designed and developed blocks for any section and customize / style the same as per your needs.

With Banaa, use your existing website to set up an e-store

Already have a website where you want to add an E-Store. With Banaa Headless CMS, you can now build you e-store on any webstack like custom HTML website, wordpress etc using our headless CMS.

Just upload the products, categories, discount codes, images etc on the headless CMS, copy + paste the snippet code on your existing website page and your e-store is up and running in no time.

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