BackupGuard WordPress Plugin easily backs up, restores, and migrates your WordPress site, files, and databases. More

Your website is the most precious thing you own. (The things you’ve done to secure that domain name…)

But without consistent backups, it’s also like a shiny new smartphone without a case—delicate, vulnerable, and one crash away from shattering into a million pieces.

If only there was a way to automate backups and safeguard your website in the cloud.

Meet your internet insurance policy: BackupGuard WordPress Plugin.

BackupGuard is the complete backup solution that allows you to back up your website and restore to the point you choose.

After all, nothing lasts forever—not even websites (RIP Grooveshark).

With this complete plugin, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have access to an up-to-date backup copy of your site to take you to the “near past” just in case.

Easily automate consistent backups and safeguard your website in the cloud, so you can get back to building your business and carpe-ing every single diem.